proposalVotes returns undefined

I am building a dao by governance contract. When i making test, I make a propose everything worked great. After queue and execute first propose i start a second propose to undone what first propose do.
This time i have problem. I can get propose id. i can see proposal state. I can make votes. Looks like i can get correct result of that voting. When i finished the voting ( proposal state = 4 or 3 ) i cant get proposalVotes. They return undefined.

:1234: Code to reproduce

          // getting to results
          const { againstVotesCancel, forVotesCancel, abstainVotesCancel } =
            await governor.proposalVotes(proposalIdCancel);
          console.log(`Vote on against: ${againstVotesCancel}`);
          console.log(`Vote on for: ${forVotesCancel}`);
          console.log(`Vote on abstain: ${abstainVotesCancel}`);

Terminal output from my code:

CancelProposalId = 96265046379828225455504338025800183255920452744066584404801722501207421577384
Proposal deadline on block 429
Current Proposal State: 0
Moving blocks...
Current Proposal State: 1
Moving blocks...
Current Proposal State: 3
Vote on against: undefined
Vote on for: undefined
Vote on abstain: undefined

:computer: Environment

A good start would be to replace { againstVotesCancel, forVotesCancel, abstainVotesCancel } with x, and see what you're getting inside that single variable.

This is interesting. Looks like i have those numbers

in my first proposal i can get data like this:

let { againstVotes, forVotes, abstainVotes } =
            await governor.proposalVotes(proposalId);

i do the samething on the second proposal without let keyworld it give me an error so i did like this :

[againstVotes, forVotes, abstainVotes] = await governor.proposalVotes(

this worked. But why is that?