Having trouble creating a proposal via the Governor smart contract

I recently deployed a governor smart contract and now I'm trying to interact with it in js to create a proposal:

const governorAddress = "0xc9eCE0fE55bdA9c83d29aAD7796926e9171eba62"; //smart contract address of DAO
  const governorAbi = require("../../contract_abis/MyGovernor.json");
  const governor = new web3.eth.Contract(governorAbi.abi, governorAddress);
  let proposalId = null;
  const proposal_tx = await governor.methods
      "Proposal #1: Give grant to team"
    .call({ from: "0xEe45b8D2f99A8E12cBaFF2C6C8180B78D0586e6f" })
    .then(async function (result: any) {
      console.log("Finished creating proposal");
      proposalId = result;

    await governor.methods
      .call({ from: "0xEe45b8D2f99A8E12cBaFF2C6C8180B78D0586e6f" })

When I execute this I am able to successfully get a proposal ID but when trying to get the state of the ID, I receive the following error

errors.js:28 Uncaught (in promise) Error: Returned error: execution reverted: Governor: unknown proposal id

I am working on the Ropsten testnet and don't see any transactions relevant to creating a proposal: https://ropsten.etherscan.io/address/0xc9eCE0fE55bdA9c83d29aAD7796926e9171eba62

What am I missing?

Hi, welcome! :wave:

It seems like you have created a proposal successfully, I think you can print out the variable result to have a check what it is.

Looks like I didn't properly sign the transaction previously because of my Metamask configuration. Works now!