Governor: proposal not successful

Hello guys

I am using openzepellen Governance Contracts.

I am facing error about the " Governor: proposal not successful " .

Let me tell me what I did with contracts, so anyone of you may help me.

I have deployed

Erc20 token



I have delegated my own address for voting

After deploying erc20 , I have deployed timelock and in constructor I have passed

MinDelay = 0

Proposers = // empty array

Executors = // empty array

Then I granted role of Proposer & Executers to MyGovernor contract.

Then I deployed MyGovernor with the constructor parameters:

Erc20 token address

Timelock address

Then I call purpose function with parameters including:

Targets = [“erc20 token address”]

Values = [“0”]

Calldata = [“0x00”]

Description = “newDescription”

Then after I call castvote method with Proposal id. And I voted 100% for porposal. 1.

The voting time should be over, and proposal should be successful but this is not happening

When I call state method after voting time its still giving “1 ”as state.

And when I call queue method with parameters :

Targets = [“erc20 token address”]

Values = [“0”]

Calldata = [“0x00”]

Description = hash(“newDescription”)

The queue fn is giving this error : " Governor: proposal not successful "

Can anyone help me , if I missed any step or need to call some other function ?


If state returns 1, i.e. Active, the voting period is not over yet. What is your votingPeriod parameter? How did you make sure that the voting period was over?

I also have a similar problem can you give a hint for this error and how can I solve this

Please create another post and provide more detail.