Problem with Cairo-contracts

Guys I just started playing around with . I just started a new scarb project (and followed the instructions in the repo) but at the time of building an error that comes from OpenZeppelin comes up: @mrMateosantana ➜ /workspaces/AA-test (main) $ scarb build Compiling accabs v0.1.0 (/workspaces/AA-test/Scarb.toml) error: Method spancould not be called on typecore::array::Span::core::felt252. Candidate ArrayTrait::spaninference failed with: Type mismatch:core::array::Span::core::felt252and@core::array::Array::<?0> --> /home/codespace/.cache/scarb/registry/git/checkouts/cairo-contracts-9cboa8jg3jldq/5c7a022/src/account/account.cairo:272:64 starknet::call_contract_syscall(to, selector, calldata.span()).unwrap() I don't know how to process, do I open a issue in GitHub? Thanks

Hey there! I'm sorry you're experiencing this. This is an issue with the Cairo language itself, since it released v2.5.0 when it should have been v3.0.0 due its breaking API changes. Then Scarb is failing to detect this and resulting in this error. You should not be allowed to use Contracts for Cairo v0.8.1 with Cairo 2.5.0. We're addressing this in

Heyy, I am getting the same error