Absolute Noob - trying to learn how to interact with CA after deploying

Hey guys!

I'm an absolute beginner at deploying smart CAs. I've been learning to do it on the bsc testnet using remix.
So far I have been able to clone/fork a ca, compile and deploy using remix then Verify on the testnet and add liquidity. For some reason I cannot remove liquidity. But at this point I'm not worried about that.

What I don't know is how to edit/use the contract functions. I'm trying to find blogs threads or videos on the same but whatever I have found ends with deploying the code and nothing about interacting with it.

If anyone has any material / links / videos etc. on the same it'd be very very helpful.

Thank you!

You can check eatheblocks channel on YouTube

Once deployed, the code can't be edited, but can be used, either in remix or over on BSCScan. Click the contract tab, and you will have "read contract" and "write contract" to interact with the functions.

To edit before deployment, time to learn some Solidity! I recommend cryptozombies.io as a great resource for starting to learn the language and to think in blockchain.

Thanks guys for replies.. I'll look into both of them!