Possible to verify contract AFTER renouncing ownership?

Apologies if this is a dumb question, or has an obvious answer.. but scouring the internet all night has yelided very little results, or anybody who may have run into a similar issue. Very much still learning, here.

During the hustle and bustle of a community launch, our team overlooked Verifying and Publishing our Source Contract BEFORE we renounced ownership of the contract. As expected, I am now having trouble Verifying the Source Code on Etherscan (BSCscan).

Is there ANY HOPE of getting this verified? We're not really in a position to re-launch, as the community is growing, and there are no actual issues with the contract. That being said, all the scanners and charting services are throwing red flags for the contract not being verfied, and we are kind of in a predicament.

Thanks for looking.

The verification of a contract's source code is completely agnostic to (independent of) the contract state.

And the ownership of a contract is a part of its state (reflected in one of the contract's state variables).