Paid BEP-20 Upgradeable Token Tutorial Project

I have a new paid BEP20 token tutorial project which I'd like to complete in the next 7 days.

Please share your Telegram address here if you have:

  1. Previously created an upgradeable BEP20 token published to Please share a link to that token
  2. Have received 1 Like for a previous post here on OpenZeppelin
  3. Are interested in this paid contract
  4. Have time to work on this during the next week

I will share the project details via Telegram direct message if you have the above qualifications.


I just joined do I don't have a like. But I have several upgradeable smart contracts I have verified. Pm me on Telegram @levineblack so I can share links with you, and you can give me the deeds.

Ohh plus I've got loads of time on my hands.

I cam do a sample contract for you to text my ability

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Hi Levine,

I appreciate your response. I've sent a Telegram message your way with the project details. Let's continue the conversation on Telegram.