I need Someone Who can Create a token

hello who can create a token and to verify on bsc contact me

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If you are interested in your own token and need a developer that can do it?
You can contact me thourgh telegram: @solidityX

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Hey there,

what kind of token do you need?
I am a smart contract developer from Germany.
I can also give you references for what I've built (ERC20/721/1155, upgradeable contracts in different networks, deployed over 60 mainnet contracts etc..)

Just get in touch with me and let me know what you need.

Kind regards,

I want a Token BEP20 full with fee with all

You can check out OpenZeppelin's token wizard for creating a token or alternatively you can also check out ThirdWeb, they also provide a free service to create tokens & nft's

where to find ?
bc i toke from wizard OpenZeppelin and bscscan dont verify my token


How are you?
I have created the several tokens and verified on bsc.
Please contact @stevensoftdev via Telegram.


Please contact @Desarrollaortalentosa in Telegram.
I can help you.
Kind regards.

I normally do dev solidity work for free. contact me on skype: ofuzak


I have done the same jobs before.

TG : @anydevbest
Skype : live:.cid.588439c6887bd701