Paid: A basic smart contract with burning, liquidity and marketing tax

I'm looking for a dev that wants to help me with creating a basic but safe contract.

Every buy and sell has a burn/marketing/liquidity tax.

It should also have a max transaction and max wallet.

Let me know if you can help me and how much you charge for creating this contract.

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I can help you. Let me know!

Sure I can do this you and I have a few sample code that could help you…

Hi, What would be the pricing for the above please?

I would like to assist you.

Please add me over Skype so we can discuss further.

Skype – cis.seth
Email – seth (@) cisinlabs (dot) com

Send mail in respect to your request

if no one helped you yet, I can do it for free and go over every function with you, and battle test it first with multiple addresses and show where exactly the tax is going, and how it's working. it would be nice to add this as a job/project to my portfolio.

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any email to contact you?

yes, this email or works fine. I'm also on telegram @supersorbet001

Facebook :