Opinions, Insights, & Feedback on Social Tokens

Hey all!

First of all, thanks for checking out the thread! I’m trying to collect some thoughts people have about social tokens to test a project idea I’m building with a few other people. The general idea of the project is a social platform that has an internal economy with social tokens.

A basic description would be Patreon for investors. Instead of supporting your favorite creators/influencers by giving them money and getting access to exclusive content, you buy and hold their token to access exclusive content & if their popularity increases demand for their token theoretically also increases so you’re able to profit on their success.

We have a short survey here with a 50 DAI giveaway for the best responses that you can fill out:

However, some general question I have are below:

  1. Do you know about social tokens?

  2. Do you actively use social media or follow any creators/influencers?

  3. If so, do you support any of these creators/influencers on Patreon and what’s an average contribution for you?

Here’s our project’s website in case you’d like to get a visual sense of what we’re building:

And feel free to message me directly if you’d rather not share your answers in the thread. You can also DM me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/LuisEgeaWin

Thank you again for your time!!

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Hi @Jshanks21,

Congratulations on the progress with the project. :rocket:

I have filled in the survey. :heavy_check_mark:

Not really. I have come across personal tokens. I have a handful of $EVAN (Evan Van Ness who writes Week in Ethereum News)

I use Twitter and Peepeth but not much else.
Outside of Crypto Twitter I don’t follow any creators/influencers.

My budget is probably $50-$100 a year but that would be for content I really loved.

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Hi @Jshanks21,

I came across this tweet today:

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Great catch! Someone just mentioned this in our Discord. Thanks for sharing here though, I didn’t check it out on Twitter until seeing this post on it.

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I would say that it may be worth working with Discord to apply your concept to gamers/streamers. There are many gamers/streamers that use Discord to broadcast the games they play.