Token for social campaigns to raise funds

Hi, I’m new to the smart contract world and I don’t have a great knowledge of programming languages, I’m carrying out a project to help social campaigns to raise funds and I was thinking of using ERC721 smart contracts to create something like lottery tickets to sell. I looked for information on ERC721 and I seem to have understood that the creation of tokens is expensive as each token is unique (I would like to create between 100,000 and 500,000), I would like to understand if it is a viable road or requires too much investment.
Thanks in advance

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Hi @Amosz,

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Regulatory compliance and cost of transaction fees vs value will be some of your challenges. For fungible tokens I suggest reading Points to consider when creating a fungible token (ERC20, ERC777)

You could look at using ERC1155 as your token. Though you will likely need to use some form of Layer 2 scaling, as otherwise the transaction fees could still be too high. The outcome of The Great Reddit Scaling Bake-Off could be helpful here.