Crypto Trends 26 April 2021

Crypto Trends

A summary of the crypto trends for the week.

Beacon Chain Client Diversity

Incident on Beacon chain highlights again the need for client diversity.
Run a minority client to protect yourself and the network!

No instathreat to raising the gas limit to 15M

What happens after the merge

VB presentation on what’s next (from the ETHGlobal Merge summit):

  • Merge (turn off Proof of Stake)
  • Post-merge cleanup
  • Medium term
    • Sharding
    • Data availability sampling
    • Security improvements
  • Medium term execution layer
    • Address extension
    • Statelessness + state expiry
    • Account abstraction
    • EVM improvements
  • Long term
    • CBC Casper
    • SNARK everything
    • Quantum security



OpenZeppelin are hiring:


Less-appreciated benefits of Proof of Stake - VB