OpenZeppelin coding standard

Hi there, I understand OpenZeppelin lives up to its standard of creating community vetted solidity contract standards, however, since every contract has an author, I’m wondering if the programming practice is truly a standard or just a personal preferences. I did notice inefficient practices in some contracts, which makes me wonder the question above. Is there any possibility of interacting directly with the authors anywhere? Like telegram or discord? Thanks.

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Hi @maxaero,

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There are style guidelines for OpenZeppelin Contracts:

OpenZeppelin Contracts contributions are reviewed by the maintainers of the repository. Linters are also used for contributions:

Multiple people have contributed to OpenZeppelin Contracts including the current maintainers.

If you have feedback on specific contracts (or for OpenZeppelin Contracts in general) you can post in the forum where the community can respond.

We are looking for feedback on OpenZeppelin Contracts 4.0 Beta.
Feedback from the community has been incorporated into the Beta.

Thanks for providing the guidelines. I suppose my quetions are more on the why side than on the how side, like why a reentrancy guard is designed in the current version and why the changes are made from one version to another. Could that be possibly be known? Thanks.

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Hi @maxaero,

To learn more about the changes in OpenZeppelin Contracts in each release, as well as the release notes you can view the Changelog: