Request for Feedback: Docs redesign πŸ“–

Hi community! :dancing_women: :sparkles:

@frangio and I have been working together on redesigning the Docs and wanted to share the process with you. Our purpose is to make your life easier, clearer and more beautiful, so we want to ask you for comments or suggestions about it :rainbow:

Here are some points that we’d like to know your thoughts:

  • Color usage for differentiate between code content:
    Purple: contracts / Gray: parameters / Magenta: parameters type

  • Functions and events details (new boxes layout)

  • Functions and events index:
    Here are 3 proposals, which one do you think is the one that works better for you?
    Do you prefer it: with or without code blocks? is it better to include the parameters types or is it enough showing only the parameters names?

Keep in mind that we may not implement all of your suggestions but for sure we’ll take them into account before making future decisions :muscle:

:sparkles: Thank you all :sparkles:

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Awesome work. I love how the OpenZeppelin docs are just getting better and better.

It looks very colorful. I like the call out boxes with the icons. :unicorn: :rocket:

I like code blocks. :+1:
Will code blocks still be black background? e.g.

I prefer parameter types. :+1:

I would also like a link to the version of the source code as there is in the ZeppelinOS documentation (see below). Multiple times a day I manually navigate to the OpenZeppelin source code.

Even better would also be a link to the version of the main test, which again I manually navigate to on a regular basis.

contract Proxy

Implements delegation of calls to other contracts, with proper forwarding of return values and bubbling of failures. It defines a fallback function that delegates all calls to the address returned by the abstract _implementation() internal function.

Source: packages/lib/contracts/upgradeability/Proxy.sol


Amazing work! I like light, clean and colorful they are!


Hey @abcoathup thanks for the feedback!

  • about the code blocks, yes! we’re going to keep using the dark background
  • and the links to the version of the source code was a good idea, we’ll add that too

Thanks a lot! :sparkles:

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