Not able to build due to Vm.FfiResult not found

I am not able to build any of my contracts after installing the openzeppeling-foundry-upgrades plugin with the following error. I tried reinstalling the it but it did not work. When I try to check where the issue originates it says it could not find Vm.FfiResult

Path: --> lib/openzeppelin-foundry-upgrades/src/internal/Utils.sol:224:73:

:1234: Screenshot

:computer: Environment

I am using foundry to compile

I was able to solve the issue by updating the remappings.txt. The issue was of version conflicts between different packages being used. Not sure whats the best way to import forge-std if you use upgrades-plugin and oz-contracts-upgradeable. Would it be to bind it from the contracts-upgradeable or to install independently ?

See the plugin readme's Installing section for the recommended remappings.

Can you share what worked for your remappings.txt?

Running into the same issue - also curious what worked for remappings.txt