Foundry Upgrades Error

Hi, I am getting an error when testing with Foundry Upgrades, previously I didn't get this error and the code has not changed

:1234: Code to reproduce

I am running

forge clean 
forge build
forge test --ffi

The error is

2023-12-04T19:54:24.500827Z ERROR cheatcodes: non-empty stderr input=["npx", "@openzeppelin/upgrades-core@^1.31.0", "validate", "out/build-info", "--contract", "Catalog"] stderr="/usr/bin/env: ‘bash\\r’: No such file or directory\n"
2023-12-04T19:54:24.500948Z ERROR forge::runner: setUp failed reason="Upgrade safety validation failed: " contract=0x7fa9385be102ac3eac297483dd6233d62b3e1496

:computer: Environment

Currently I am using OpenZeppelin V5 and my foundry.toml looks like this

out = "out"
libs = ["lib"]
build_info = true
extra_output = ["storageLayout"]

remappings = [

Thanks for your help

Are you using Windows? This looks like a line ending problem somewhere, e.g. see or