Create ERC721(nft) that yield ERC20 token to nft holders each day automatically

Hi guys just started in solidity , I quit my dev. job in a gaming studio to create my own project.
Basically, is it possible to create a contract that have a supply of x NFT who people can mint (not reveal and reveal function) and after 24 hours that stack ERC20 custom token automatically to holder who hodl the ERC721 nft.

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Telegram :- @peterhere316

Did you figure it out?

My main developer had the fu@%#ing covid so I lost my main brain on that I have some knowledge in programming but very new to solidity .. I have made something since but still not found the solution to link my yield token contract andmy nft minter contract that approve by timestamp holding and then transfer to the holder that own the nft Could you help me more deep , i can send you the code I made

Not yet .. As I said Iam new I am trying to assemble the puzzle ..

Basically i have this code for yielding :
Then this code for minting nft :
And i want to make the link between the second code and the first one when you mint an nft it send custom token to another account then daily rewards the owner

based on cyber konz projet but with out the breed and all extra features :

Okay but how or which inflated lib or import i need to include the erc20 logic in my nft contract ? If I follow the kongz exemple they have too many things that I don't need and make some errors so .. I will add what you suggest me and test but i am pretty sure i will need to add erc20 somewhere no ?

I saw helpful replies from someone and they are deleted now any idea why?

No i dont know .. i was about to look his code ..

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If you ever get any help on the code please share it i am kind of stuck lol!

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Regarding your ERC 721 NFT, My agency can finish it out for you if you reach a roadblock at a nominal cost.

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Did you find out? I ned it too.


you may contact on telegram to discuss further and see a sample of minting and stakin platform.