Need to understand some logic behind Lock Liquidity Contract

Hello , i wanted to ask why when i check every Lock Liquidity Smart Contract it had a proxy inside is that a for security reasons or is it only for solidity bug fixes in the future ? also how can i build something like unicrypt liquidity lock token where users can lock their liquidity to be able to keep their investors safe ?

The purpose of a proxy is allowing you to upgrade the implementation of your contract:

  1. Without changing the actual contract which your users interact with
  2. Without having to migrate (copy) all the stored data to the new contract

The reasons for upgrading your contract may include:

  1. Fixing a bug
  2. Adding a new feature
  3. Removing an existing feature
  4. Improving performance (reducing gas cost)
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this is cool , i need to learn about proxies , looks interesting to learn , do you have an example for liquidity lock smart contract i wanted to study this type of smart contract because it can give me some experience , thank you :slight_smile: