Deeplock liquidity lock proxy

hello, my smart contract got re entered and proxied. i was concerned about the liquidity lock that initially was 7 months and is 3 months away from expiring. Here is the smart contract address its bep20 0xa4b72b56495a947e16a0e1c2186b7b9b3ff78acd
if go back to the first transaction in its history there is false data and transactions that never happened. i was wondering if the timelocked liquidity could have been proxied if thats the case when liquidity is unlocked what steps would i need to take in order for the proxy creator to not receive my LP tokens. He proxied my creator address as well i believe. Also how would i go about viewing the implementation contract info that was proxied as well? how would i build on top of the re entry and proxies to prevent malicious activities from happening?