Need help Understand Some settings on contract

I am trying to deploy a smart contract , but i am confused about how the the settings on code line 411-413 works

uint256 public _liquidityShare = 2;
uint256 public _marketingShare = 8;
uint256 public _BuyBackShare = 5;

At first glance it looks like the sum of buy and sell taxes on line 399-404 except for the liquidity, i went through all the transactions of the contract where the deployer changed these settings and found this

_marketingshare = actually the sum of buy and sell marketing tax
_BuyBackShare = actually the sum of buy and sell buyback tax
_liquidityShare = equal to the value of sell tax

but sometimes the deployer set Buy liquidity Fee to 1 , Sell Liquidity fee to 10 and Liquidityshare to 5

I have started learning solidity and have deployed some contracts before , i can make this one run but i need to completely understand how this things is working out

any explanation in this regard would be appreciated