My first NFT smart contract

I've written my own optimized NFT contract, most derived from the OpenZeppelin, so that I don't make any mistake. It is on Polygon, on the Mumbai testchain, contract is verified, so you can see the source code:

My goal is to pre-mint it all, and then sell it on OpenSea (for a 10k NFT). Looks like it works:

I also tested a few re-sells etc., and looks like everything worked, including paying the 10% royalty. But it is my first NFT contract, maybe someone can take a look at it, if everything is ok? License is MIT, so you can use it as well, if you like. BTW, because it is all pre-minted, I didn't restrict the mint function, it mints to one fixed address anyway, so everybody could call it.

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I am not sure if i am lost or not here. I recently with help from a freind created our smart contracts for a `platform in order to mint and market nfts on the platform for our communtiy. I knew audits exsisted but did not know how important they could be until someone decided to drain our metamask wallets leaving me worried about our contract and if it is good enough to protect our guest. When i found out how it happened and realized that my wallet had only been connected to two sites since i had it that really made me worrry. I am hopeing to be able to get some feed back as to the saftey of the contracts we plan to use on our site?