Gnosis Safe & Governor/Timelock as treasury?

Would I need a gnosis multi-sig if I'm using a timelock/governor as my treasury? Is there any advantage to using both?

It feels like in a DAO with on-chain governance it makes sense to not have a multi-sig.

However, if you're using off-chain governance (like with SnapSafe), it does make sense.

Any thoughts here?

I would say a multisig is not necessary once the project is using decentralized governance, in fact the multisig may be compromising decentralization. But you can design a decentralized scheme that has both governance and multisigs. See Tally Safeguard for example. You can also just have the treasury grant a small amount of funds to a multisig, to be managed in a more agile way.


Awesome. Thank you for the context!