Moving the ethernaut site to netlify, help wanted to test it!

How do you do, fellow Ethernauts?

We want to start hosting the website in netlify because it makes deployments a non-issue, and we get the added super-nice benefit of previews in pull requests.
So, when you make a pull request in github, netlify will deploy your changes to a temporary URL that we will be able to try before approving it.

With help from the awesome humans at netlify support, we have the deployment ready:

Before updating the ethernaut domain to point to this site, I would like to ask for your help to give it a few tries, and make sure that it works just the same as the one we are hosting on our server.

Please, go to, try a few levels, and report your experience here.

thanks you!!!


Paging the Ethernauts that I know, would be great if you can try out a couple of levels.
(@paulinablaszk, @obernardovieira, @frederickalcantara, @scammi, @redragonx and @ianbrtt)


Hi @elopio Love hearing about making deployments easier for Ethernaut.

I ran through 0 Hello Ethernaut and 2 Fallout levels with Brave and MetaMask on Windows 10.

I got multiple messages for instance address when I first went to the site. I haven’t seen again.

When on a level, if I change networks, from Ropsten to Mainnet and then when I switch back to Ropsten I get a page not found error. I don’t get this with the current production site.

Great job on the move to netlify.

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Two issues:

  • If you refresh page it gives an error. We have to set up proper redirects for SPA.
  • I’ve completed Fallback level but the victory message didn’t triggered
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@ylv-io I got the victory message on Fallback after submitting the level instance (I assume you did submit the level?)


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Ohhh submitting level. That is it :laughing: . I have to take a brake. Forget the second issue.
Thanks @abcoathup!

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Thanks a lot for testing!
I think I’ve fixed the redirects that were affecting refresh and the network change:

About the multiple messages for instance address, I didn’t get that. I saw one popup asking for permission to access my address, and that’s it. If you get any more clues about this, please share them with a screenshot and the info of your browser.


Hi @elopio

Thanks, I am not getting a page not found error anymore when changing networks.

The first time I load Ethernaut and send a transaction to Get New Instance once the transaction is mined I get multiple Instance address messages (17 duplicates in this screenshot)

I am running on Brave on Windows 10. Let me know what other information would be useful.

Hi guys,
we currenty have a set of PR’s that need some review to merge. Can one of you take some time to do it, please? Cheers

Hey @obernardovieira. Please give us a little time while we organize things, and get the PRs going.