Monitor does not monitor

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. From the Dashboard -> Monitor -> Create New Monitor

  2. Provide the contract details, 0x9FBf72cF4825642ce904F00d3B52D643aC202045
    Select all events and all functions

  3. Send a transaction that calls one of the functions and emits the events

  4. The monitor is less useful than Hellen Keller, at midnight, in an open field

Why doesn't it work?

Hi, what is the contract network? The monitor should trigger after the amount of confirmation blocks have been mined, so finalized time will depend on the network.

If that's not the issue, could you please share your tenant id? So I can check the monitor configs



It was my understanding that Sepolia followed mainnet and there is no reorg/instant finalization now. Regardless, 29 minutes is well outside that window, yeah?

Tenant Id: 531934f0-c41e-4b6d-9605-4f3838d21adb

I just replicated your monitor in my account, tested the condition using the tx hash and it seems that the monitor found the match, I wonder why it doesn't show up in your logs.
Have you configured some notification channel?

No, this account was just created, other than looking into deployments and running a couple code reports I haven't done anything.

After the second transaction did not show up I think I setup email alerting but that does nothing as well.

There's really not much feedback in the app and it's very ambiguous as to what it's expecting from the user or what you need to do to make it work.

Could you try to trigger it again? I want to make sure my monitor has the same issue to start debugging from it

Aside that, thanks for the valuable feedback

Of course, I can help debug as needed. Most recent tx hash: 0x5ab8d58172b32b4cd82e7f618a508061da6ec94a6bb85ff8ac6e7931de619f55

I have the same issue in my monitor, didn't receive the notification or see the logs,
Could you try using 1 confirmation block?

Thanks a lot for reporting and helping

Thanks for your time helping to debug.

I updated my monitor for 1 block confirmation:

Then I sent two more transactions to be sure,

Monitor is still empty:

After setting confirmations to 1, I started to receive the notifications but still don't see the log. Have you received the notifications?

This is just to narrow down the scope of the issue

Sure, here is the alert form:

And the notification settings:


I am able to receive the test email from defender. But I do not receive an email alert, or log.

I believe this is because you haven't linked Low severity with "watch this *** up too" channel in Add notification channel dropdown, I know this is confusing, in next release this UX will be improved

Actually I find that entire sentence confusing.

On which of the four screens where this disjointed feature/component is spread out which of the made up abstractions that are not explained needs to change to what value?

All I want to do is monitor the event logs of a smart contract. That's it.

To accomplish that I have tried:

  1. Sign Up -> Goto Monitor Tab -> Create Monitor
  2. Name/Category/Address -> Create an Address
  3. Save the Monitor.

From here, the Monitor is effectively Hellen Keller in a mine. It's blind, deaf and cannot speak and in total darkness. Why? Because you show me big green arrows on the forms that communicates "All Good"

But that is a lie:

It's almost as if the engineer working on this was treating the success condition to be loading the abi data into the form. That's great, but completely lies to the user.

Awesome, so I want to see what my new monitor does and I burn some transactions... I wait... It does nothing. Looking for help in the app is worthless. There is no feedback, nothing. In fact, it tells you things are working when they aren't.

So enter "randomly clicking on things" mode. Oh look I can select events and functions to monitor. So I select them all. Surely this must have been what I did wrong. Of course ordinary people would create monitors that monitor nothing by default. I must be an idiot for assuming it would work out of the box.

Burn more transactions. Nothing happens.

Oh there is an alert feature, okay, well even though the log in the dashboard doesn't work maybe that will. I add an email to the alerts, I set alerts to the lowest setting on the monitor.

Burn more transactions. Nothing happens.

Okay so now I have to go to Monitor -> Settings after configuring the alert emails and then I have to select from a drop down that monitor?

And now it will not show up in the dashboard log but email me? Okay.

Burn more transactions:

And now I get the email and the log on the dashboard is empty.

I just want you to respond, seriously, what problem does this solve for me? Oh and when will it actually work? I don't want to do things that can be more difficult, like deployments, if the simple things like monitoring doesn't work.

Apparently this has been an open issue for some months? Monitor of Defender 2.0 is not working - #3 by uua

I'm sorry this didn't work for you, we will work on fixing the logs issue, again thanks for the feedback