_mintBatch doesn't work on OpenSea

I've created my ERC-1155 smart contract using the contracts wizard. When I use the mintBatch function, the minted NFTs don't appear on the OpenSea Rinkeby test network. But when I use the regular mint, it works as expected and the NFT appears on the OpenSea. In fact, the get listed page of OpenSea doesn't see the ERC-1155 contract until I mint an NFT with mint function. It says:

We couldn't find this contract. Please ensure that this is a valid ERC721 or ERC1155 contract deployed on Rinkeby and that you have already minted items on the contract.

Another thing is, if I mint 100 copies using mintBatch the token named 1 (token id=1), it doesn't show up. If I mint 1 token with mint function the same token, it shows up on OpenSea, and the number of tokens is shown as 101 (100+1).

Why is that? How can I resolve this issue?

Ok, it did show up after 30 minutes later. I guess this is the issue caused by the OpenSea.

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