Mint Site - Merkle Tree

Hello -

I am trying to add the merkle tree to my smart contract for whitelist. I have the part where I created the whitelist, can run the standalone javascript app, get the roothash, add it to the contract, and confirm the merklehash with the respected whitelisted address.

I am using the Hashlips Minting Dapp, which does not have the functionality for the merkleproof/whitelist - has anyone added the merkleproof to his minting dapp? Or is there another one out there that is available?

If not, im guessing im going to need to create a Javascript API running the merkletree/proof, and somehow adapt the minting dapp to get the merkleproof for the users address, and adapt the send function to send to the whitelist mint.

any help would be great!

thanks in advance

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