How to create merkle tree airdrop smartcontract

hello, I'm learning about merkletree airdrop, I want to make it for learning and make some lists of random addresses.

I'm using code from Uniswap-distribution but I'm confused after creating merkle-root can you help me what steps should I do?

Uniswap Distribution

step :
npx hardhat test
npx hardhat compile
"ts-node scripts/generate-merkle-root. ts --input ./scripts/airdrop-list.json",

Check out OZ's Merkle Drop example from their workshop repository:

thankyou sir, i try with this code

Hey @michellejulie,

Adding to the already good response from @TtheBC01, we haven't updated that particular workshop with our new library for merkle trees.

Aside from that, the workshop will be enough by adding some adjustments to an ERC20 version.


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