MetaMask returns RPC Error

Hi @DonkyKong123 I am having exactly the same issue (Metamask returns RPC Error: Error: [ethjs-rpc] rpc error with payload, metamask shows failed [object, object]). When you mean it was related to the contracts version 2.1, was that the Solidity Version or web3? I tried to set the version on the truffle-config file with no success. Currently running 0.5.16 for Sol & v1.2.1 for web3. Any pointers will be appreciated.

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Hi @Software_Solutions,

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I have moved your question to a new topic.

I believe the issue @DonkyKong123 had was resolved after changing versions of OpenZeppelin Contracts.

Can you share the circumstances you have when you get the error, including version of OpenZeppelin Contracts, node and npm versions?

Hi @Software_Solutions,

Were you able to resolve your issue?