Mainnet Development in EVM Paris Version: Exploring the Possibility of Staking Support


Our team is currently building the Mainnet by copying the EVM - Paris version. At this time, we want to introduce the Staking feature of Mainnet Coin. We are planning to have the following structure for the Staking feature.

Here, we assume the coin name is ABC:

  1. ABC -> WABC (Wrapping)
  2. Staking support within WABC's smart contract

However, in my research to develop the structure for #2, I found that most of the information suggests using a third party. However, since we have created a new mainnet, I was wondering if there might be any issues connecting with a third party. And if we do connect, what would the process look like?

To summarize

  1. is it possible to add staking functionality to WABC (Erc-20) via Thirdweb?

  2. if 1 is not possible, what are the alternative ways to do it (if I want to develop it myself, is there any documentation to refer to?)

  3. if option 1 is possible, what resources should I look for?

Thank you.