Looking to develop a Logic where NFTs empowers DeFi into a Gamified Ecosystem

Hi, my question is about how to manifest the logic into this idea:

The community receives a starting NFT based on Passive Yielding results and then that NFT is stacking to receive a second Token. The thing with this as we are gamifying the whole Defi concept, we’d like to call some functions to keep 100% of the stacking power such as if you click X function 3 times a day the NFT farming power will get to 100% and your prize will be better than if you don’t click this.

There is documentation on how to link this web3 with erc721 and how to give the farming NFT a “boost”?

Or some skilled Dev who wants to join the project and we can discuss it further?

if you click X function 3 times a day

You could do this, but do you really want someone to pay gas fees for 3 transactions? This would probably need to be handled on your application side of things.

Allow your app to track rewards for your NFT, given how the user does things.

Then if he wants to make his rewards permanent, he must write them on chain using 1 transaction.

You could also have metadata that points to more metadata off chain. Update the metadata as needed.

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Awesome logic you developed here, for sure it will be the way we will sort the mechanics of this app.

So we’ll need to develop that in the web3 app or directly in react?

Probably in a database somewhere. Your react application would talk to a backend to keep track of these things.

i wonder how to tackle false information submit such as people hacking to get more $