Looking to Create an NFT staking Dapp but based on Rarity

Looking to Create an NFT staking Dapp but I want each nft should be rewarded based on rarity.

Like trait distribution-based equation that determines the rarity of the NFT.

What to build/designed the first-ever non-fungible token yield farming system that evaluates each token OBJECTIVELY, purely based on their traits and reward investors respectively to their shares in our pools.

and I kinda need some advice on how to go about this...

any suggestion or code reference will be much appreciated

did you figure this out? im thinking of doing the same thing and would love some help....

Two ways are possible.

  1. We need to make the NFT based on Rarity in case of your own NFT.

  2. in case of already minted NFTs in the minting website, we need to calculate NFT rarity ranking with api services like moralis and make the node server to call the contract function of distributing rewards.

I think the second way is easy for us.

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