Keep3r: which addresses correspond to what

Hello Jonathan (@jonathan),

I just applied like Ali (@AliDean92 - Complete Beginner's Guide to being an Honest Keep3rV1) and I am a beginner as well. I think your suggestion about the fees is a good idea when they turn out o be activated. I just checked the code from @spalladino ( and I still am a bit confused.
I guess that for beginners it would be great to understand which addresses correspond to what. Let’s see if I can start to come up with something, please do not hesitate to correct anything that is wrong:

const registryAddr = ‘0x08829D79f73e0a152a9AB5ee0fa955091055d46F’; – This is is supposed to be the address of a registry but when I check on etherscan it seems to be like a random address. What would a registry be meant for in this case ?
const workableAddr = ‘0xB4d258b63b1937e3442BD98Db745750E05432f37’; – This is the address of the contract of the job on Keep3rNetwork
const from = ‘0x2e51e0bd78af0e4cddb062c0bc456be0793c51af’; – I suppose this is the address of our keep3r that will be used to do the job

const collateralAddr = ‘0x08829D79f73e0a152a9AB5ee0fa955091055d46F’; – This should be the address of a collateral but I do not see any collateral used in the UniswapV2 Oracle code being provided so I suppose that this would be needed on another job.
const collateralAmount = ‘0x0de0b6b3a7640000’; – How did you come up with this number and is it in hexadecimal?

I’ll try to summarize my findings when I get approved and start to test this and see what I get.

Thank you for the support


Hi @Sams95,

Welcome to the community :wave:

Looking forward to helping and learning from the Keep3r community.

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Good Day @Sams95!

Your post has made me feel like I am not alone anymore being a complete rookie. Keep posting and we can help each other and share our journeys. I am currently in the mind set where if there is simply a copy paste for each job with what needs to be done, us Keep3rs can focus on keeping our bonding requirements good and not being malicious rather than all the techy tough stuff. However, either way I am determined to get this done, and it seems you are as well :slight_smile:

My understanding (what got my autotask to turn into success is)…go to Keep3r’s github from Andre and find the “Example Scripts” for the jobs…in their you will see const ABI, and const Addr…I used those for the workABI and workAddr. Then for const from, put in the bonded KP3R address. <–that led to sucess, however once in a while I still get an error message with a different error code, which is now my task to solve.

Also…each “Job” seems to require a particular function word…Uni=updateable, Hedgic=workable MetaKeep3r=task. (LOL, but seriously I have no idea what I am doing just feel like a mouse in a maze bumping into walls)…If you find that what I have said is right let me know. Wrong…let me know as well.

Happy to see your post. Also @abcoathup and @spalladino and @jonathan are super helpful and patient with us absolute beginners, so it seems we are stepping into a warm supportive community.


Hey @Sams95! The scripts in the defender-keep3r-demo repository were just for internal demo purposes, and are connected to fake keep3r contracts on the Rinkeby network - that’s why you are not finding anything on etherscan on mainnet. I just updated the README to explain this.

As @AliDean92 pointed out (thanks for jumping in Ali!), the proper addresses are on the keep3r’s github. We’ll also be working in making this process easier in the next few days, stay tuned!

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Hi Guys,

I’m new to keep3r as well and will be finding my way around as soon as I get mainnet access. Really appreciate all the content @AliDean92 as put up and for being the first guinea pig and showing us the way. I have a few question which I hope someone can help me answer:

  1. Is it possible to test the Uni oracle job in Rinkeby?
  2. I see you need ETH sent to the relayer to start using it. Do I just send it to the ethereum address generated when I create the relayer?
  3. How can I send back ETH from Relayer to my wallet?
  4. The const from = refers to the wallet address that as been activated as a keeper?

Appreciate any help you guys can give as this is completely new to me.
@jonathan if you see this, kindly help me activate mainnet. I’m using the same email address as this in my defender account.


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Hi @AlvinP,

Welcome to the community :wave:

We just released: Running a keeper from Keep3r Network on Defender that will hopefully address most of your questions.

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