I've been told our Token contract is not using the latest compiler version?

Hey guys, is this a serious issue if the compiler version used for our token is 0.5.2, whereas the latest version is 0.8.5? Its a contract for our token on BSC. I’ve tried to find a way I can simply test the code but being a noob at this I’m finding it a real challenge? Thanks for any advice you can give?

its not, just make sure you specify the right compiler version when you compile and when you veriify


As for me, if I choose the compiler version 0.5.x, I will use the latest version of 0.5, that is the 0.5.8 for now, cause the latest version will fix some compiler errors and have some improvements, you can have a look at the release note to see what has been done in every relesed version.

Yes that makes total sense, to greatly simplify “big” (0.5 to 0.6 for example) updates will usually introduce new features and might break your code. “minor” updates (0.5.1 to 0.5.2 for example) will just fix bugs and add minor improvements.

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Thank you for your advice