Is there a problem in using a nonReentrant modifier with payable function?

I am using a nonReentrant modifier, from the ReentrancyGuard openzeppelin contracts under security, with a mint function. At the same time the function is payable so I have added that modifier as well.

Is there a problem in using both together?

I'd like to know the answer to this as well - as I have a mint function with both and I'm currently experiencing problems with transactions failing on mint.

Same here. Does it give off an enormous amount of gas before failing?

Yes, I think so - I'm still trying to work out exactly what's happening but I'm pretty sure it's to do with the gas being so high that a require statement I have in my mint function causes the transaction to fail. I've posted about it here but not had any response yet.

I think the problem is not with the nonReentrant modifier. Just posted a reply that I think might help with your issue

Using payable and nonReentrant together should not be a problem. It's probably something else here.