Mint function in Contract not working

Please help me with an issue that I've got with a contract I deployed to mainnet!

This is an ERC-721 contract for an NFT collection. I deployed the contract nearly 30 days ago and the 'Mint Binaries' Function was working properly and 7 tokens were minted. Since then no activity happened except for a withdraw function from my end.

I tried the mint function now but it gives me an enormous amount of gas fees (8+ ETH) which shows that there is a problem with the function.

There is a similar function called 'OwnerClaim' that works just fine using the same token ID that gave an error in the 'MintBinaries' function.

Is this something that has to do with the nonReenterant modifier I placed?

Here is a link to the contract itself on ethersan:
Binaries | 0x2fc915f91ded6ddf156a84669355516dab2141c2 (

Please help and tell me what went wrong!

Thank you in advance!

I don't think this is related to the nonReentrant modifier. I can't spot anything wrong with the mintBinaries function.