General questions about minting erc721 tokens

Still very new here. As I look at the examples I see on the site and other sites vs. what I see in contracts on etherscan I am confused about two points:

  1. Many of the "mint" functions in examples are "onlyOwner" - wouldn't that mean that the owner of the contract would need to pay all the gas for minting to then transfer to other people?
  2. Also in most of the examples I don't see "payable" doesn't that also mean the creator isn't getting paid?

I realize these may just be examples but I want to verify that I am understanding this correctly.

  1. Yes, the purpose of the onlyOwner modifier is to limit the usage of some of these important functions to the owner of the contract so if only the owner can call it, only the owner can pay for gas to get it executed.
  2. Payable is a modifier to allow you to transfer eth while calling the function. For example, if you have a function called paySomeoneInETH but you don't use a payable modifier, your transaction will fail (even if you use sufficient gas) because you tried to send some ETH along and you're calling a non payable function.