Is it realistic to make a dynamic purchase tax function that will work on any DEX exchange?

Smart contract token
Is it realistic to create a dynamic purchase tax function that will work on any DEX exchange?
when using a price up to 10%, the tax is 0.5%, and any subsequent increase by 10% within a day +1%, the sales tax does not increase. comply with the following conditions:
1 function must not create other vulnerabilities
2 function cannot be bypassed even theoretically

If that's the case, it sounds like a pretty cool idea, but I'm not sure if it's realistic or not.

Yes, it would be nice if such a function exists. I plan to achieve 20-24% market dominance with the meme token in the far future. I will need an automated technology for creating a market that no one has used before. I don't want a coin whose value is up in the air.

You will have to include support for a price oracle and base the tax on that information.

What is or isn't "realistic" depends on your definition :smiley: If you have an extremely limited budget, time or are an absolute dummy, then no its not realistic, otherwise it depends on your situation.

I will try to learn it. If it is too difficult for my mind, then such a modification will have to be abandoned. It would be good to contain the possibility of unreasonable pumps in the future.

The budget is really limited. But I am a goal oriented person. My resilience borders on insanity. As for time, my time is eternity. The road to success for this token will be a long one.