1% slip limit, 0.5% purchase tax, 0.5% sales tax, sandwich attack unrealistic?

I'm not allowed to give money to these guys with MEV bots. A smart contract does not need to be turned into a cash cow. If we introduce a tax only on purchases and sales of 0.5%, and on transactions the tax is zero and limit the maximum slippage of 1% on purchases and sales of DEX in the smart contract of the token, will protection against sandwich attacks be guaranteed?
If there is no transaction tax in this case, token users will be able to purchase without tax by buying on the CEX exchange and transferring to their wallets. Or is it safer to introduce a commission from any transaction of 0.5%
What do you recommend to me?

And how would you enforce this? How are you going to see what is an purchase / sale and what is an transfer?

Do you mean this the other way around? if there is no sale tax it doesn't matter where they buy/sell

I see you asking a lot of interesting questions on these forums, but I’m getting the feeling you are focusing on the wrong details. Questions about frontrunning, mev bots, security etc are all valid questions. However it comes across a bit like you are focusing on small details for the implementation without knowing the basics yet.

I applaud your enthusiasm, but maybe start simple and expand from that, when you're done with your first contracts, maybe ask people on these forums to take a look and give their feedback on it. Then if everything seems good then move on the the next part until you reach your end goal.

I don't yet know how to clearly make it so that taxes are only in trading on the DEX exchange. And on transactions is absent. I spoke to the CEX exchange, they said there would be no tax on internal trading of the exchange. I focused on this. If this option creates a risk, then transactions should also be taxed.
I'm not good at programming, but I know one thing, in a place where there is money, there are people who want to take most of this money. My task is to create the perfect barrier. 0.5% tax, I need it for two things. The first concerns taxation. By using tax along with slip limit, I defend against sandwich attacks. I'd rather leave this money in the project. The second thing that this tax gives is a large share in arbitrage, these arbitrage bots will fight among themselves "for a profit of one cent", from surrendering almost the entire share of the arbitrage deal as a tax. Therefore, I protect the liquidity of the project and the money of strangers.
In September October, I should have this smart contract. Before that, I need to study all theoretically possible vulnerabilities.