Gnosis Proxy integration

Can Gnosis' proxy wallet be integrated into Defender so that smart contracts that cannot be changed or updated to support native meta transactions can still do meta transactions via smart contract wallet approach. Here a contract wallet is created for each end user and later all his transactions are routed via his smart contract wallet. Is this the same as creating a Gnosis safe in Defender?

Hey @tcassini! That's an interesting use case. Defender Admin is built around administration of your own contracts, so it wouldn't be a good fit for creating a smart contract wallet for each of your users. You can still use Defender Relayer+Autotask to send the meta-txs for your users, but I'd advise against using Admin as a means for creating and managing user smart accounts.

You can programatically create new Safes though by just calling the Safe factory contract, which is what Defender Admin does under the hood when you Create a new Safe from Admin. You can check here for the addresses where the factory is deployed.

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@spalladino Thanks so much! That all makes sense :slight_smile: