IPFS Base Uri of Infura IPFS in Truffle Migrate


just need help with this truffle migrate config

const ERC721 = artifacts.require("./ERC721Library/ERC721.sol");
const NFTMarketplace = artifacts.require("./NFTMarketplace.sol");

module.exports = async function (deployer, network, accounts) {
  let erc721;
  let nftmarketplace;
  let baseuri = "https://ipfs.infura.io/";
  let servicefee = 2; // in percentage

  await deployer.deploy(ERC721,"Quant Hackers","QNTH")
    erc721 = instance;
  deployer.link(ERC721, NFTMarketplace);

  await deployer.deploy(NFTMarketplace, ERC721.address, baseuri, servicefee)
    nftmarketplace = instance;

I kind of want to ask; is there any IPFS Base Uri to connect instead of ipfs.infura.io

What error do you see?

I was trying to create individual IPFS base URIs and want to use https://ipfs.io/ but since I couldn't find any documentation on their website about how to go about it I was hoping to get an answer here.

Am new to Smart Contract - so patient with me

Sure. Take a look at this post: