ERC721 Metadata Opensea IPFS Infura

I Just finished minting some NFTs. I used Infura’s IPFS node to store my URI JSON. I am now trying to list on opensea, and I can not get their site to recognize the metadata. A sample URI is below.


Anyone been through something similar when listing with Opensea? Is this the correct way to format URI and/or metadata?

This doesn’t look right. It seems that you uploaded a single JSON containing a mapping of metadata for each id. I assume you defined this as the base URI? Otherwise, how did you configure the URIs?

If you configure the base URI to ipfs://QmXcpWX3dHUeJ5SLwHg3rKy2ueaPZb4BnYpBLCAMpwqB4E/ (note slash at the end), the token URI for id 0 would be ipfs://QmXcpWX3dHUeJ5SLwHg3rKy2ueaPZb4BnYpBLCAMpwqB4E/0 but as you can see this link doesn’t work.

You need to upload a directory of files called 0, 1, and so on. I’ve done this successfully on Pinata (Why doesn't OpenZeppelin ERC721 contain setTokenURI? - #4 by frangio)

Thanks for your response! Turns out I was wrapping the metadata in a list. Currently I am just saving each uri with its own individual URI. I will work on configuring a base URI for gas.