Introduce yourself here!

Thanks! I went to openzeppelins website to find the forum.

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THanks for the resources, I guess I’ll start reading those !!!


Hello all,

My name is Shawn. I’m an entrepreneur interested in learning more about bootstraping smart contracts conforming to the ERC20 and 721 specs for the purposes of crowdfunding and auctions. I hail from NYC and I first discovered OpenZepplelin after learning about the importance of Ricardian smart legal contracts from Ian Grigg. I appreciate intellectual discourse as much as technical.


Hello everyone !!!

Myself Mukheem. I am from Pune,India. I have been working as an Automation tester from the past 5 years.

Being passionate about Blockchain and Ethereum I have come across your Guide - Ethereum in Depth

That’s a nice one. Heading to Part -2.


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Hi @sgrauel welcome to the community.

Can you suggest a good explanation of Ricardian smart legal contracts?

It would be great if you could share what you are working on

A good place to start is having a look through the #general:guides-and-tutorials category. Also the OpenZeppelin documentation has a section on tokens.

Hi @Mukheem Welcome to the community.

What types of products and technologies do you test?

Enjoy reading Ethereum in Depth, Part 2

Some other areas to look at are:
#general:guides-and-tutorials category.




Thanks @abcoathup

I enjoyed reading both the parts. :blush:

Also, I work on different Web based applications using selenium and Geb as automation frameworks. Also, I enjoy working with webservices and APIs

Looking forward to develop a few dapps.


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Hello! I’m Vera, from Argentina. I’m a research intern in Zeppelin, working on my master’s thesis. Right now I’m researching existing tools and technics related to automatic analysis of smart contracts. I’m here mostly to share what I’ve been learning and discuss with you guys :slight_smile:


Welcome to the community @VeraBE. :wave:

How far along are you with your Masters? Is it all by research? (I did a Masters by course work which didn’t have any research)

Looking forward to reading what you share with the community.


Thanks abcoathup :sunflower:

My degree is actually called “licenciatura”, is a six year course with a thesis at the end, so I should graduate this year if everything works as planned. I’m not sure if I understood the last question, we have classes kind of related to academic research and then this research work that can last between 4 months and 1.5 years



ok thx. I’m Stefan and very interested in all the Blockchain stuff. Since some months I’m going through the learning curve of learning the ehtereum blockchain and toolsset. So I got confronted with all the typical pains during this process. - And it is not finished yet!

So my personal experience is, that the tech is cool, - but getting really good reliable information about setting up things is sometimes timeconsuming and hard. So openZeppelin is a really top library.

Anyway, most of the difficults for me was setting up the projects and make them work, - before I can start using openZeppelin.

So I like to share some of my learnings.

Most of the time in my life I did a lot of product management stuff (tech, marketing and sales) but I also programming for more than 30 years.

So I hope I’ve placed this posting at the right place.


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Welcome to the community @blexx

Agree that finding good information and setting up development environments for smart contract development can be time consuming and harder than it should be.

I :heart: this community as we can work together to improve this for everyone.
It has definitely got a lot better in the two years I have been working with smart contracts.

We would appreciate any feedback on any guides that we need to improve on or any guides that you think the community needs #general:guides-and-tutorials

We have also started compiling top three recommendations for a new developer in the space if you wanted to add to this:

Hello, I’m AK. I am an investor and startup analyst, and help connect people to new opportunities that help them reach their full potential. I was born in Maryland but grew up in Sunny Southern California – the OC.

For the last ten years, I’ve supported the growth of early to mid-stage, venture-capital backed startups and spent the last 3.5 years at Stripe. I’m here to learn more about Zeppelin and how the community improves the ecosystem. I learned about Zeppelin from a close friend who is a blockchain enthusiast and also an investor. I’m excited to observe and learn more.

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Hi welcome to the community. :wave:

The #general:guides-and-tutorials category is a good place to start learning more.

The community is home to the following open source projects:

Please ask all the questions that you need.
Great to have you here.


Hi! I’m Zach

Here to thank the collective of PEOPLE who formed and continue to form around Zeppelin and give it purpose and give paramount value to the decentralization movement.

I’m from Newark, New Jersey, United States

I first heard about Zeppelin from a launch announcement on /r/Ethereum during the post-Dao lows when I couldn’t believe that anyone at that time was ready to tackle, never the less gain global adoption of pluggable, secure contracts.

I encourage the collective to cultivate its historical self-knowledge to understand the context and factors from which it arrose, so that it can be model and symbol for the decentralized world. Viva Open Zeppelin


Welcome to the community @Zach_Greco :wave:

Awesome introduction. I went down the rabbit hole in 2017 and have been a fan of OpenZeppelin since I discovered the project early on in my journey.

Would you like to share what you are working on?

Nice to have you here.

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Good morning to all and good mid-August
My name is Domenico Romano. I am a construction engineer and I have a degree in computer science. I found in Ethereum a good reason to resume my computer studies. My approach is not that of a low-level programmer, but of an advanced user of smart contract standards that codifies smart contracts for my needs. I like to use Remix with Solidity and OpenZeppelin, deploy my smart contracts on ropsten, synchronize them with my DApps (made in VUE environment) via web3.
Professionally works in the field of real estate and I would like to offer my clients trust, automation and decentralization by smart contracts


Hi @romanoing welcome to the community :wave:

Thanks for an awesome introduction.

I primarily use either OpenZeppelin SDK or Truffle and use Remix for quick or simple tasks, so it is interesting to hear about how you use Remix. Feel free to share your smart contract development environment setup with the community.

I suggest if you haven’t already, look into Gas Station Network so your users don’t need to have Ether for gas.

Great to have you here.

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Welcome aboard @romanoing! What are you working on? :slight_smile:


Hi martriay, real estate and the other assett link: