Introduce yourself here!

Hello, My name is Yerkebulan. I'm from Kazakhstan. I'm blockchain developer. Thank you guys for your jobs, It's awesome!

Hi there! My name is Luis, I'm from Venezuela. I'm a blockchain developer and also passionate about security research. I got to know open zeppelin through my work. I would like to continue acquiring knowledge together with the community, to be able to discuss unknowns and of course to contribute my value here, helping others!

Hi Asdrubal, I am glad to know that there are people from my country joining here. Cheers!

Hello everyone I'm Calum. I'm here to improve my knowledge and learn more about smart contracts.

H i am Dhruv Malik and i am product manager / developer in web3 (smart contracts). i am passionate in understanding the working defi protocols and integration with the AMM's . currently building the EIP standard for bonds protocol ERC-3475 : . will be great to discuss with the OZ team and getting feedback so as to integrate the standard as method in OZ library .

Hello friends :slight_smile:

This is Aram from Flair. I love building for builders, and helping developers be 10x faster and 10x safer in web3 :smiley:

We're building open-source contracts (on top of OpenZeppelin) and React SDK (on top of to help builders not re-invent the wheel when it comes to building dApps.

Feel free to checkout Flair ( and the dashboard ( would love to hear from other builders what they want to see.

Also if anyone is up for working together on a react-openzeppelin package, to provide some generic useful hooks on top of OZ + wagmi, definitely let me know :rocket:

Hi all, my name is Adnan, I have recently started with solidity programming and smart contracts, I want to contribute to open source projects in solidity and ethereum, could anyone please help me begin with open source or point me to some resources which will help me start my journey.

Hey folks! My name is Travis. I live in the Netherlands. I am currently working on Ticket Bridge, where we're striving to create unscalpable tickets. To accomplish this goal, we're minting our tickets as NFTs, and I am using the OpenZeppelin contracts to get a running start. Looking forward to joining this community!

Hi everyone! I'm Alexa, I live in the maritimes (Canada). I am currently working at this educational and immigration company "StudyPug" as a developer. I'm in the process to improve my knowledge and learn more about smart contracts and in the short to medium term I'd like to contribute to an organization as a blockchain security engineer to gain more exposure and experience. I'm a great advocate of open source projects so I'd like to contribute to various open projects as well.

Glad to be here in this community. Stay safe everyone!

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Hey All,
New around these parts, came here to learn more about best practices etc on smart contracting.

I am based in Australia, a father of four boys, have worked my entire life but last September had an accident where I broke my neck (and lost my job), after almost 12 months of rehab apart from the pain (and some other lingering symptoms) including pins & needles in one of my arms I have turned to the crypto/NFT market to try my hand at something new - that I can do from home - and will hopefully one day work in my favor.

As such I am the founder of the Global Yowie Club or simply GYC for short.
We have both on and off chain projects, in an attempt to ensure the GYC is not completely reliant on the crypto-market.

Hoping to have some nice chats (maybe a walk along the beach hand-in-hand, lol jks) and learn on how to make the on-chain projects bigger, brighter and better :slight_smile: