Introduce yourself here!

Welcome @turupawn! I hope to catch up with you soon!

I was a machine worker in a lumber mill when I got into BTC around the same time (2014), just in time to lose all my first coins to MtGox. I have been involved with a number of open source projects throughout my lifetime including Ubuntu and Drupal. In the blockchain arena I took part in The DAO, was a manager of Divvy DAO, and you'll see my spelling edits all over github's ethereum related projects from a few years ago.

Fortunately, I was able to gather about half a BTC in time for the Ethereum crowdsale which, in turn, caused me to become obsessed with studying up on blockchain technology and Vitalik's implementation of smart contracts. I say 'fortunate' because not long before Eth went into Homestead phase I came down with a rogue medical problem that put me out of work and with significant medical bills that put me damn nearly in debt; but, crypto helped me survive not only financially but over these years focusing on learning solidity and contracts gave me hope that I could someday, not only survive but, thrive using these skills.

Later in 2021 my condition, still not determined at that time, got me some emergency trauma surgery where they opened me up and fixed a hernia which, judging from the thickness of skin, may have been there for a dozen years or so, they say. It seems that was the cause of my symptoms and I've been slowly getting better until the point where last September I wasn't constantly ill and was able to start focusing nearly every day on learning more and more. Now, here I am, as confident as ever and I appreciate your support so thank you OpenZeppelin Community for being here. I commit to give back as much as I possibly can.

I'm currently working on standard tokens, dao, and uniswap-type contracts and live in Maine, USA

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Hi, OpenZeppelin team. It's Colin from UETH, which is a non-profit collaborative learning community and was a co-organizer of EDCON 2022. Currently, we are hosting a series of educational events aimed at fostering knowledge and growth within the Ethereum ecosystem. And we would like to extend an invitation to Mr. Michael Lewellen from OpenZeppelin to deliver an online webinar on "Best Practices for Smart Contract Development" for the Ethereum community. We have sent an invitation letter to Mr. Michael Lewellen via email. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Hi there! I'm Jason, a smart contract dev. I'm looking to make my job easier by staying up-to-date with community driven libraries supported by Openzeppelin. The best engineers/devs are the lazy ones :smile:


Hi there!
My name is Maxim Solovyev. I am from Kazakhstan.
I am a fullstack javascript developer and now I'm actively studying Solidity, Openzeppelin and Defender.
And I hope the community will help me!


Hi All.

My name is ilma and I urgently need some assistance please.

I purchased an airdrop $TWEP3 and paid the fee to swap the airdrop to BNB but the BNB did not appear in my Trustwallet BNB address. It instead lays in Bscscan under a different wallet or token address.
I do not know if its called farming but I do not have any control over this token as fund from different contract or wallet addresses keeps on taking BNB from this token address and then there's contract or wallet addresses that transfer BNB to this token address.
All I want, is to be able to withdraw m funds from bscscan and no bscscan does not regcognize it as a contract address but it is validated on the blockchain by a validator.

Please. How do i get my funds out of this token address into my Trustwallet?

I am including a screenshot.

Thank you

Hi there OpenZepellian community,

My name is Jeremy and I am excited to be joining your community to learn more about blockchain development. Recently, I developed my first DApp and successfully launched it on a local blockchain. This experience has given me a taste of the potential of blockchain technology and I am eager to continue learning more.

I am particularly interested in the work that the OpenZepellian community is doing with smart contract development and security. As I continue to develop my skills in this area, I believe that being a part of a community of like-minded individuals will be incredibly beneficial. I am eager to connect with others in the community and to learn from their experiences.

Thank you for welcoming me into your community and I look forward to contributing and growing alongside all of you.

Best regards,


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Hi all,

My name is Steve, I'm from the UK and up until recently was working in embedded systems (C, VHDL). Recently (as of 4 weeks ago) I started learning smart contract development, full time, with a view to changing industry - fingers crossed eh :smiley:

Being far better with Python than JS, I'm currently using the Brownie framework to deploy / interact with the smart contracts.

Found my way to the forum whilst working through the Solidty/Python tutorial.

Pleased to be here, hopefully I can be of some use once I've been schooled.


hi my name is moeid
i'm here to learn and sweep up the whole knowledge of this great site to become a great leader for a great NFT team
i am from iran
i heard about openzeppelin in my research but recently i heard it in cryptozombies and ofcource i'm here cause i love ledzeppelin :slight_smile:
expect new ideas and new creativity in community.

Hi! My name is Andrea :slight_smile:
I'm a programmer and from the beginning of the last year I've started to dedicate to smart contract development.
My aim is to become a great Solidity developer and I've found here a strong and really prepared community. I hope to to work with Openzeppelin soon and in the meantime happy Web3 :smiley:

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My name is Troy and I know virtually nothing about smart contracts except I and whole lot of others were scammed by one. I was wondering if you could give me information on this contract and the wallet that created it?

It was created by this account: 0x03f34be1bf910116595db1b11e9d1b2ca5d59659

My name is Charlie, I am from the United States. I am seeking opportunities to work on projects or apprenticeships to increase my fluency in blockchain or smart contracts. Any advice would be greatly appreciated

How were you scammed

What did you do to become a smart contract developer.

Hi there :wave: I´m Ely Antunes from São Paulo, Brazil. I've been working in the technology field for quite some time, and I recently started my studies in Solidity and Blockchain in general, that is a new subject to me. I came across OpenZeppelin while searching for information and study materials, and I'm grateful for finding so much valuable information with you.

Call me Linus for Gen... Market. Curious about smart contracts and thinking of being around to see and learn maybe not to stay on the fence.

Hi there, I'm David. A junior smart contract dev and is working on a yield aggregator project called All Weather Protocol.

btw, may I ask why my post was hiddened? How can I post some questions in the forum?

Hello there.
I am Jonak from Clarksville, Tennesse, USA,
I am very interested in smart contract and solidity development. I 've heard about OpenZeppelin and wanna be a member of this community.
Thanks in advance