Introduce yourself here!

Hey, I'm a guy who got rugged one too many times and is now looking to learn how the tech really works. I'd like to learn to develop smart contracts, and for people to help me out every once in a while (as well as help people myself once I get up and running)

C ya

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:wave:Hi, everyone.I'm Jae,A developor from China.I worked as a backend enginer for a decade.and right now I am developing some blockchain related systems. Zepplin contract provide a valuable refrence of smart I find openzeppelin from the package.json file.

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Hi everyone, I'm Felipe and I'm from Brazil.
I have been studying to be a developer and found Zeppelin by a friend recommendation, using this platform, already build my first smart contract and still learning how to improve the code. I expect to continue learning and helping this community grows.


Nice to meet you all