Introduce yourself here!

Hey! I have been lurking for a month or so lol
But just now made an account. I have known how vital Smart contracts will be for the future for awhile now. But just recently decided to delve into them a bit more. That was a month ago. Now I have been able to efficiently create Tokens & Timelock contracts. Love learning and i feel like this is the place :slight_smile:

Thats all i have found here! I have learned so much the last month or so!!

Hello, This is Mr.Lucky from Bangalore, India. I am very Pasionate about ERC-20 Tokens for our One Million Indian Railwaymen.I am Secetary of Indian Railway Investors Organization.

Super Satyam. Nice of you. Hv a Grt Day. Cheers

Hi I'm a fullstack web developper here to learn about solidity, clean architecture patterns and security, currently living in Lisbon I heard about OpenZeppelin on google.
this community provides the help and the resources I am looking for.

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Devon here I am Cloud Security Consultant and Solidity Developer looking to get more involved in the security side of Smart Contracts.

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Hey everybody!
David Liendo here, from Venezuela!
I've been working as a smart contract developer for a few months now, trying to get involved more into the
blockchain community!

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Hello everyone! My name is Farrah, though I prefer to keep my digital name as Flora (got it from school). I'm 15, and I'm from the United States. Just here trying to stumble my way through Solidity and become a programmer! I'm dabbled in other languages before, like Python, JavaScript, and stuff from But Solidity is the first language that I've actually worked on and committed a lot of hours to. My dream is to work for Nintendo someday, programming video games (I'm a huge fan). :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Name = Sulifan .42 Years old here with 3_kids and 2_twisns totaL 5 Lmao
old school and work at CNC really² limited know about coding . start learn solidity last month and still struggle
Oh by the way am i to late for this Lmao .any suggestion where i begin to start will be apreciate.
peace .

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I’m Cody Krecicki. I build web apps. I am a strong believer in adoption of Web3 over the next 10-15 years.

Hey Everyone,
I am Shubham, a 3rd year engineering undergrad student from India. I came to know about OpenZepplin through cryptozombie game. I am here to collaborate and contribute to the community.

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Hi My name is Joseph. I am a software engineer in one of the FinTec companies in Hong Kong.

Hey OpenZeppelin community! My name is Azim, I’m from Kota Bharu (Malaysia) and Im currently working on secure contract development and operation with OpenZeppelin. I did hear about that from the EthOnline community. And im expected to learn and get helped from this community in this forum related to the question that is was currently working on. Thank you

Hello guys! Im Mario, I live in bali! I recently started doing crypto! I would love to start making my own dapps for finance. I currently build marketing funnels/landing pages (drag&drop) Clickfunnels. Would love to do crypto full time! I have so many ideas and not really sure where to start. Im not a dev yet! But I am committed to learning! Would love to connect with some other people having the same goals! Glad to be here

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Hello there!
My name is Marlus, I'm a designer, visual artist and creative coder from Brazil, very interested in Solidity development. I learned about OpenZeppelin with some tutorials about how to create your own NFT contract. I expect to learn a lot in the community (as I'm already learning with some threads) and be able to deploy my own NFT contracts. Cheers!

Hello, friends in the community. I’m from Hong Kong. I’m a programmer. I’m studying hard. I’m glad to be in the community. I want to meet everyone. :kissing_heart:

Hi My names Dean and I'm new to OpenZepplin, I live the UK I am a also trying to get into smart contract dev and security auditing, I am looking some one who can help i.e a mentor??

Hey bro I new to programing maybe but I've been trying to learn solidity and smart contracts, maybe you can help me out?

Hi Everyone!!! My Names Eric I’m 31 from California, I’m here because I have a project that I’m looking for a developer to make a reality, So anyone who makes apps , blockchain coding , game coding please reach out so that we can start making money

Hi everyone. I’m new to everything really. I’ve built websites but that’s about it. Will try to create a contract and token and learn thru mistakes.