Introduce yourself here!

Hey! I have been lurking for a month or so lol
But just now made an account. I have known how vital Smart contracts will be for the future for awhile now. But just recently decided to delve into them a bit more. That was a month ago. Now I have been able to efficiently create Tokens & Timelock contracts. Love learning and i feel like this is the place :slight_smile:

Thats all i have found here! I have learned so much the last month or so!!

Hello, This is Mr.Lucky from Bangalore, India. I am very Pasionate about ERC-20 Tokens for our One Million Indian Railwaymen.I am Secetary of Indian Railway Investors Organization.

Super Satyam. Nice of you. Hv a Grt Day. Cheers

Hi I'm a fullstack web developper here to learn about solidity, clean architecture patterns and security, currently living in Lisbon I heard about OpenZeppelin on google.
this community provides the help and the resources I am looking for.


Devon here I am Cloud Security Consultant and Solidity Developer looking to get more involved in the security side of Smart Contracts.

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