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Exactly,I am thinking about building something specific indeed,how about making an erc721 token for artworks?

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Hi @kate_king,

An ERC721 for artwork is great.

Inheriting from the OpenZeppelin implementation and using marketplaces like OpenSea make creating an ERC721 for artwork reasonably straight forward.

You can see my favorite collectible (ERC721):

I am very interesting in blockchain games like cryptokitties,so I am also have a plan building a new game by myself.I hope I can do it ASAP.

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Welcome @hibro to the community. :wave:

I look forward to hearing more about your game.

You may want to look at the Gas Station Network for user onboarding. The GSN Starter Kit is a great place to start experimenting:

For testing, I recommend looking at OpenZeppelin Test Environment: Blazing Fast Contracts Testing