Introduce yourself here!

I’m looking more examples about how to use the Roles.sol lib.


Hi @NTTMai,

If you haven’t already, I suggest you look at the documentation on Role Based Access Control:

You may want to consider:

Feel free to ask all the questions that you need.


Hey there!
this is raghav aka rags.
i have recently started to go through blockchain and ethereum.
i got a help from community and manage to create a token in version 0.5.0.
i still have lot to learn, being late entrant in ethereum/blockchain.

i hope to do better in future and i should be able to help others in community.

thank you everyone.


Hi @Raghav_Lyon,

It is still early on in Ethereum and blockchain. I started in blockchain in April 2017.
Ethereum was only proposed in late 2013.
I suggest reading top 3 recommendations for a new developer

The documentation is a good place to start:
Along with #general:guides-and-tutorials category of the forum.

Asking (and answering) questions is a great way to learn too. :rocket:

Thanks for being a part of the community. :pray:


I’m Bernardo. Originally from Spain but living in the UK.

I’ve been casually learning Ethereum and Solidity for a while now (managed to complete your Ethernaut challenges) and I’m looking for new ideas and connections to become a full-fledged blockchain developer.

There’s so much to do and so little time.


Hi @bergarces,

Welcome to the community :wave: Nice to have you here.

Well done on completing Ethernaut! :rocket:

Feel free to add to:

Contributing to opensource is great, even starting with fixing a typo in the documentation or in the code.

Also answering questions and writing tutorials is a good way to learn.
If you see a question in the forum, feel free to answer. :smile:
If you would like to write a post, that would be cool.

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Myself is Mano from India. I have been learning blockchain and developing dapps since last year. And from then, I have fallen in love with blockchain, especially ethereum. So I have decided to make this my career. Am good at developing simple dapps using truffle and solidity. Hope my career and passion intersects :slightly_smiling_face:

Also, am a self taught full stack developer actively looking for opportunities. And am glad to be a part of this community!


Hi @manolingam,

Welcome to the community forum :wave: and thanks for introducing yourself.

Great to hear about your love for blockchain. I had a similar experience going down the rabbit hole.

I recommend (if you haven’t already):

If you have any projects that you want to show, feel free to add them to the #general:showcase category. We have had people joining the community looking for developers, so it could be a great way to show off some of your skills.
Also to look at what others in the community are building.

Finally, contributing to open source is fun and helps the entire community. You can start from as small as fixing a single typo. Contributions also get badges in the forum: Contributor Badges for accepted Pull Requests to OpenZeppelin

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hi all,I am a new learner on smart contract,nice to meet you here,you are all friendly and selfless guys,willing to know more friends here.

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Hi @kate_king,

What is the motivation to learn smart contract development? Is it part of your job, are you studying or are you interested in the space or something else?

Are you building something specific?

I recommend (if you haven’t already):

I want to be a coder on smart contract though I am not good at coding.
But I will spend more times on learnning it.

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Hi @kate_king,

Deploying to public testnets is a great start! :rocket:

Exactly,I am thinking about building something specific indeed,how about making an erc721 token for artworks?

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Hi @kate_king,

An ERC721 for artwork is great.

Inheriting from the OpenZeppelin implementation and using marketplaces like OpenSea make creating an ERC721 for artwork reasonably straight forward.

You can see my favorite collectible (ERC721):

I am very interesting in blockchain games like cryptokitties,so I am also have a plan building a new game by myself.I hope I can do it ASAP.

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Welcome @hibro to the community. :wave:

I look forward to hearing more about your game.

You may want to look at the Gas Station Network for user onboarding. The GSN Starter Kit is a great place to start experimenting:

For testing, I recommend looking at OpenZeppelin Test Environment: Blazing Fast Contracts Testing

Hi all

My name is Ilan
Leading smart contract development for Kyber Network.
I really love block chains and its potential for improving the world.
Came here to learn more about smart contracts, coding, testing environments, and do better smart contract coding.


Hi @ilanD,

Welcome to the community and thank you for introducing yourself here. :wave:
I am the Community Manager for OpenZeppelin based in Melbourne Australia. :kangaroo::australia:
The OpenZeppelin team is spread around the world.

The guide Test smart contracts like a rockstar is a great overview of all things testing (OpenZeppelin Test Environment is being added to the guide too), though I assume you are aware/using these already.

I know that you are already looking at Blazing Fast Contracts Testing and OpenZeppelin Test Helpers 0.5.

The community forum is great for discussing smart contract and dapp development. I hope you can share some of the things that you are working on and your knowledge with the community.

Thanks again.

Hello fellow smart contract enthusiasts:

My name is Bradley Layton and I found myself here via prior work on an engineering blockchain project that is currently in limbo. After speaking with my pal Matt Cutler and his colleagues at BlockNative, it appears as if OpenZeppelin may be the best place to be in terms of providing support as well as code that could become part of a new standard.

My goal is to become a proficient enough programmer so that I can author my own code to run on on the Ethereum protocol and establish an engineering blockchain that becomes an ASME / IEEE / NIST / Federal Reserve standard.

FYI, I have seen others go to prison in MI and MT for abusing cryptocurrency. These are people I either know personally, or who are colleagues of people I know personally.

I also attended the inaugural meeting of the Energy Blockchain Consortium where I met some fairly accomplished and talented old-school programmers. I’m not a very talented programmer myself, but understand code fairly well, having taught myself languages such as html, sh, bash, csh, sed, awk, grep, C, MATLAB, Mathematica, Fortran, Pascal, BASIC, etc.

Now I need your help in getting a smart contract up and running on a small cluster of computers that I want to run as servers before testing with a broader network.

Looking forward to good things!


Hi @BradleyLaytonPhDPE,

Welcome to the community :wave:

The Learn guides are a great place to start your Solidity journey. You can use the OpenZeppelin CLI to deploy contracts to a local blockchain (ganache-cli):

Have a read through some community recommendations: What are your top three recommendations for a new developer in the space?

To learn about smart contract security (this is how I started):

Any solution that you develop should be appropriately tested and audited. As well as seeking appropriate regulatory guidance.

Feel free to ask all the questions that you need. Also answering questions on the Community Forum is a great way to learn too.