Contributor Badges for accepted Pull Requests to OpenZeppelin

The forum has new Badges :rocket:

This is for accepted Pull Requests in the following OpenZeppelin repositories (updated):

Thanks to the community for their contributions :pray:


Love it! I think there are many great people like @paulinablaszk or @obernardovieira working in these projects and it’s great to publicly recognize their contributions.

Thanks @abcoathup for setting this up!


Previously commits using GitHub’s email privacy feature were not being counted towards Badges.

Discourse has made an update to now include these: Match users to commits made from noreply emails by CvX · Pull Request #9 · discourse/discourse-github · GitHub.

Which means more of the community have Contributor Badges (including me). :rocket:


This is great, thanks for setting this up @abcoathup :slight_smile:

And congratulations @Ro5s, @CallMeGwei, @rstormsf, @paulinablaszk, @remon-nashid, @Swader, @PaulRBerg and @k06a for the badge!


I have added more repositories:

The number of accepted Pull Requests has been changed to:

  • Contributor: 1
  • Great Contributor: 10
  • Amazing Contributor: 50
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Congratulations to @itinance and @alcuadrado on the badge. Thanks for contributing.

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