I'm not able to send my tokens to another wallet or set initial liquidity

I wanted to create my own token but I've run into a few challenges. Whenever I try to send it to another wallet, an error shows up:

Warning! Error encountered during contract execution [execution reverted]
BEP-20 Token Transfer Error (Unable to locate corresponding Transfer Event Logs), Check with Sender.

This is the Transaction Hash:

This is my Token Contract:

And this is my source code:

Hi @Kumar_Patel . Your problem is in PancakeLibrary: INSUFFICIENT_LIQUIDITY

So how should I fix it? How much BNB should I put? And will that fix the problem of not being able to transfer?

On your transfer function you have

 // swap tokens for BNB

thats the half of tokens in contract. So every time you make transfer you swap the half tokens.

I'm sorry I don't understand. This is my first token. So do I have to set my liquidity to 7.5 Billion as the total tokens are 15 billion? And could you help me step wise? I'm a noob

Do you have liquidity ?

No, whenever I try to add liquidity in pancake swap, it just brings me back to the Create pool page with no liquidity added.
I'm trying to add around 0.001 BNB with 8740000 of my tokens. And I also can't send my tokens to any another wallet

is this contract clone of SafeMoon contract ?

Not really, it's a clone of a contract of my acquaintance's token

On this transaction

you send in contract 6,000,000,000 of your token
Now you have to create liqyidity in Pancake More than 6,000,000,000

I tried adding a liquidity of more than 6 billion with 0.005 BNB, but it still won't go further than the Create pool button. It brings me back there

I tried again with 0.02 BNB and 6 billion of my tokens, still won't accept the liquidity

Can you transfer tokens out fo contract ?

Nope I can't even burn them, I can't send it to anyone

So a lesson !! Test your contract before deploy to main net !!!

I tried but the faucet wasn't giving me ether :frowning: and which testnet should I use?

You deploy on bsc so test bsc test net .. Or better try local

u with the same problem as him, but in my contract I can add liquidity, buy and sell too, but do not transfer charges for gas but after the same error as his, what could it be?

Sorry about your troubles.

You can try to use the CRYPTEX TOKEN CONSTRUCTOR to customize your BEP20/ERC20 or even RFI token.

It is quick to use, you don’t need any codes and it is super safe as it comes with an in-built audit from HashEx and Paladin.

Check it out and tell me what you think.

please, i created token on bsc testnet, i transfered to a wallet and its not displaying . but it is seen on testnet.bscscan explorer